Robbie's Comic Superhero Party!

Robbie's birthday marks the end of "Birthday Season" for me...phew!!! Now I have until the end of the year for it all to start again!

We had SO much fun planning and having Robbie's party. The idea took hold last fall in a flea market in San Francisco, where I grabbed a dozen vintage comic books.
 It was a bit crazy doing this party, with my 3 week old baby...but it had to be done before our lives get even more hectic.  SO...here it is!!!

The Invitation:

I really wanted to find a comic book artist to draw Robbie into the cartoon, but after trying a couple...I realized it wasn't as easy as I had hoped.  So My mom and I started searching comics in our nights hanging out with new baby, and found this old comic...perfect for my plan! (Read Carefully!)

Decorations and Activities:

my front door welcome sign...of course

This little number made decorating really easy!  It was a life saver, the kids loved the bounce-house/slide combo...and it really wasnt too bad to rent! (The colors were great for the party!)
 We really wanted the kids to just run around and play, but we knew we needed a couple of organized activities...like a pinata!  I contemplated making one because i couldnt find any shapes that i liked...but in the end we just bought a star and glued the villains on it!

As if my Mom didnt have enough to do while she was taking care of my 3 older kids, helping me with the baby and cleaning...I gave her a little project!  She painted this queen size sheet to be a backdrop for the kids!

Villain balloons.  We staked villain balloons all over the yard for the kids to aim their nerf guns at.  Just one more little thing to keep kids busy.


We tried to keep the food simple.  Cheetohs, Jello, Hot Dogs, PB & J's and gatorade!

I punched out comic book pictures for jello toppers.

More comic book strips for drink labels.

OK...In a bored moment, i printed off pages of comic books and cut out hot dog bun holders.  Then I hand folded the corners!  I know, I could have bought the normal red and white ones...but, sometimes when I have an idea...there is no stopping me!

I had seen these cones around, and thought it would be a fun way to serve their cheetohs.
Comic book sandwich wrappers...those vintage comic books sure came in handy!

The Cake:

As you probably know by now, Rob and I kind of have a tradition to make the cake together the night before the party.  I was thinking simple...but he had other plans.  As soon as he saw a similar superhero layer cake online, he was sold.  So...4 hours later, our cake emerged looking like this:


During the party, we made sure each of the kids got their picture taken in front of the backdrop.

I made foam-core signs to hold in the pictures...BAM!  KA-ZAM! POW!
We let the kids pick the sign they wanted.

During the party, I printed out the pictures of the kids and put them in these frames.

I found unfinished frames at Michaels.  Painted them black, decoupaged pages from the comic books on each one and finished them by inking the edges and putting a varnish over the whole thing.  I am kind of in love with the frames myself.  It was fun to pick out pages that would look cool from the comic book.

 Overall, SO MUCH FUN!!! Robbie LOVED it!  We had fun...and like I said, my birthday season is at an end. 

So of course tonight I stayed up all night doing Valentines for the kids...on to the next thing i guess!!!

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Katie C. said...

Cutest party ever! LOVE the picture frames! What detail!

Miranda said...

Seriously couldn't be cuter. I love every detail... and sort of crave Cheetos now.

Erin said...

Scott had such a great time!

Unknown said...

so fantastic! Great details (love that you took the time to hand do the hotdog holders!) Invite was great! awesome job!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Beth Clayton said...

such a fantastic party! You are amazing to do all this just after the baby.

robin said...

oh my gosh.

that is amazing...!

erika said...

super cool party!!

Sheryl said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Amazing! You truly have a gift for these birthday parties! I think this was your best yet.

Meredith said...

Wow--with a new baby nonetheless!! Every detail is perfect. I am totally going to be getting inpsiration from you for my son's superhero party. Love the vintage angle--so charming and still fun! Perfect for mommy and child. ;)

Party Heartee said...

What a great job! I love all the little details you did! the cake turned out awesome!

6Jellybeans said...

Great blog, love your parties!
DeAnn 6jellybeans@blogspot.com

MaryClaire Brown said...

i'm working on a superhero party for my soon to be 5 yr. old, and came across this post. it's all SO cute and perfect. i'm wondering where to look for the vintage comic book paper. where did you find it?

Unknown said...

so many great ideas...want to try the framing thing...congrats

rgruber said...

I am the assistant editor of LilSugar.com, the baby and parenting site on the PopSugar Network. I am working on a post about vintage/retro party themes and came across your party I think our readers would really enjoy it. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to use some photos you have on the site. I would, of course, credit you with the photos and the party as well as link back to your site! Please contact me at rgruber@sugarinc.com if it is OK! Thanks!

Melanie said...

Was just looking at your cool Astronaut birthday party on Craftzine and found these other adorable parties you designed. So creative!!!! Love them all! Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative mommy!

Legacy Reims said...

Wow, this is so awesome. I just want to dress like a superhero and beat a bad guy pinata. Love the giving tree too. Makes me wana think outta the box for our next one. Thanks for the inspiration.

**************** said...


Jennifer said...

You are a genius. I wish I could be so creative, and talented! How the heck did you make the cake look like that? Do you have formal training in that sort of thing? Fondant seems hard to work with. :/

Tasha said...

The party is amazing. We are loving the invites you used!! Would you be generous enough to share the template? I'd love to borrow your design!!

Tasha said...

Hi again : ) I thought I'd leave my email in case you'd be generous enough to share your invitation template. {Or you could email me and tell me to figure it out myself{grin} My son turns eight in September and already my party wheels are turning : ) I'd also love to buy your amazing backdrop. I am really behind on blogging, but hopefully by Sept. I'll be caught up. I will definitely give you credit for your amazing ideas/templates that I would "borrow" or buy!!

email keathley@ku.edu
here's a few links to my youngest daughter's parties: http://sunflowertelegraph.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html


TexasBlueEyes said...

Woman, you are amazing! I'm going to start following!

Kendra Goodrich said...

Can you tell me how you did the invites??? I'd love to do some similar for my sons upcoming party!

Kelly@Sense and Simplicitee said...

I found your site after googling "superhero party theme" as that is what my son wants for his 5th coming up in about a month. I have to say I am completely impressed! I don't know how you did all the lovely photo frames, backdrop with exclamation bubbles, cake, food, and everything with a baby and 3(?) other children!!! What a fabulous party. Great job mama!

karlacola said...

How did u get the paper cones to stand up?
LOVE this party!

Jessica said...

oh my goodness! The details her a ridiculously great! I just hosted a super herp party and it is looking a little "lazy" compared to this. Great job! Lucky Boy!