Leif Flowers

Girls are doing the coolest things these days. My cute friends Chelsea & Amanda (twins) just started the most fabulous flower shop in SL. I love how people are taking their creativity to the next level. Inspiring. Check them out here


introducing "Elle and Jane" etsy shoppe

I couldnt hold out any longer...I joined the Etsy Revolution.
My little shoppe is now open for business, stocked full of
"Sweet Rosie Clips."
Ill add new products as I think of them...kind of like I do with my posts...I have lots of ideas!
Anyway, if you get a chance...visit me at ELLE & JANE


Saturday Luncheon

I hosted a little luncheon on saturday for a friend and her family. Nothing big, just yummy food and friends.

For this kind of occasion, you cant go wrong with chicken salad croissants.
(lite mayo, LOTS of chicken, grape halves, celery, green onions, whole cashews & salt & pepper)

Do you know how much I love fruit in the bottom of flower arrangements. I dont know how to do it very well...but I love when people do. Im going to study up on it a little, and then Ill let you know.

The favors were brownie bites (she is famous for brownies) in jewelry bags. How cool those little jewelry zip-locs were the perfect size.

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Flower Clips

I've never been a really big fake flower girl, but since I've been loving the flower headbands for women...it got me on a kick to make clips for the girls. Yes they may be big, but I think they are cute. They can clip in a girls hair or onto a headband. Its just a little change from bows.
I just used a little felt circle, put two holes in it to put the clip through...and then glued the flower too it. I think Ill probably make a lot more to experiment with different flowers and colors.

This one is my favorite...just a cluster of tiny roses.

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