The "stripwork" skirt

My friend Rachel "challenged" me to move beyond the twirly skirts and try this skirt. It took ALL day, but here it is. I made it for next year, so it is a little too big, but it was pretty fun to make. You have to use 4-5 coordinating fabrics and cut 32+ strips and sew them all together. Not to mention the under layer with a ruffle (I learned to "gather" cause I had to do it 3 times on this one skirt...Im getting better at it, but it's kind of hard.)

I used 20's fabrics...to keep it timeless in case I never do another one. I may try a holiday one in the next couple months...but we'll see. I ran out of the avocado color ribbon, and I need it between the panel and the strips...but I cant find any anywhere!

I bought the pattern online...if you need it, let me know.
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2 questions:
1. Is this rug me...or is it too unbalanced
2. could it go in a bathroom, or should I just stick to a couple white bathmats?
I picked it up at anthropologie (1/2 off) yesterday...because the colors are perfect. I just cant decide if it goes there and if I will be able to stand a rug that isnt all one pattern.

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Preparing for a Halloween Party?

Ok...I know Im a little early to be thinking about it, but Halloween really is just around the corner. Once the middle of August hits...all I think about is Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in no particular order...just that I need to get ready for all 3! So, I just found this...I havent seen it in person yet...but only 29.00 at PB! I think it is SO cute and could have so many uses at your party this year. Think it over!


Making a Tutu.

You may already know how, but for people like me (late bloomers) it takes awhile to figure out even the simplest things.
Last year, my friend Kathy figured out how to make tutus in an easy easy way. You can make them all colors, multicolors, short, long, huge and puffy or nice and flat. All you need is
*10 yds.Tulle,
*1 inch elastic to fit the waist,
*and one little seam to close the elastic!
First, measure the elastic around your childs waist. I would make it a little snug because the elastic will stretch.
Sew it together, overlapping about an inch, and sewing multiple times to make it stay. I use a zigzag stitch.
Cut your tulle in strips. I cut mine in 6 inch strips because my flat ruler is 6 inches wide and it makes it REALLY easy.
The length of your strips depends on how short or long you want the skirt. This one of Elle's is really long...more like a princess skirt. I think shorter is better for most uses. Decide how long you want the skirt, and double it...that will be your length. (I used 18 inch length for this one) NOTE: it is kind of hard to trim it after you have made it because it is hard to make it even.
Then, one little tulle strip at a time (or 2), tie them in knots around your elastic. Tie it pretty tight. Your elastic will bend right in half most likely. I tied this one 1 strip then 2 strips at a time, alternating.

To make multiple colors you can just alternate the colors. you can even push the knots up and down if you want one color on top and one on the bottom. Or, tie the colors together if you want a mix.

Now...isnt that a fun thing to know with Halloween around the corner!
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Making bread...ANYONE can do it!

Thank you to a recipe Mir shared with me, these 2 loaves were a cinch! This is in fact the first time I have made bread NOT using a breadmaker...and it was as easy as pie. You only get your hands sticky for a quick second, and then it's all over! Seriously, give it a try...you will be amazed at what a fabulous baker you are! Her recipe is here.
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