Time to whip out the flag cake!

I saw this cake in a magazine when I was around 10 years old and for some reason fell in love with it! I have tried to make it every year that Im home around the fourth of july. There are so many recipes of course, but I have always used 2 cake boxes! I just make 2 rectangular cakes, then turn them both out of their pans, frost one and cover it with thinly sliced strawberries, layer the second one on top and frost the entire thing...then make your cute flag on top! I always use cream cheese frosting, but this year I would love to find a dense enough whipcream frosting...that sounds good with the fruit!
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Emergency Preparedness...where to start!

Hooray for me I found a way to START food storage. I doubt you will ever see me at the cannery or buying loads of rice and beans (especially if I have to change them every year...who does that?) but luckily, you can buy this handy bucket at costco containing 275 servings and has a 20 YEAR shelf life! (and for 69.99 or 79.99 online with free shipping) So, I figure its a start and a very "easy to store" start. I was thinking you could just buy one a month if you are trying to get to a year (for 2-3 people)
I also found this at the same place and figured it is nice to have all this stuff in one place. (99.00)
SO, in an emergency, I may not be eating delicacies, but I will be eating...and my real plan is stocking up on candy bars because they will be in high demand! here or here

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