I finally got to wear my homemade shirt!

Rob graduated yesterday...so I finally got to wear it! It was so rewarding to know that I was sporting my own little creation! Also, the anticipation has been fun, because I had a couple weeks to find the shoes, skirt and bracelet to make the shirt look good. Anyway...here it is! (please dont mind the hair, Rob wanted it down even though it may have looked better up!)

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Mothers Day Brunch at the Beach...

Here are the pictures of Mothers Day Brunch today. We are at the Beach (outerbanks) with 10 other families, and so we made a special sit down brunch for the moms. It was pretty simple, but really fun for the moms to sit down together and eat while the husbands fed the kids!

I made these simple oilcloth wallets for each mom. Rob made the food, waffles and strawberries, and egg sausage casserole.

I was going to use real flowers...but the food lion (the only store open) did not have anything good...so I improvised. (The real way to do it is with striped cookies, but I needed white and red). I know...its funny...but it turned out cute.
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Dare to Paint it: Part 2

Ok, a couple years ago...I decided to pick up a paint brush for the first time in my life and paint a picture for Rob. (the first one is mine) It was really fun, and if you can stand homemade art I think it makes a really great gift. Choose something that they like (fish is the easiest...but Im sure other things are paintable), go to michaels and buy a cheap set of oil paints and a canvas, then I would google image what you want to paint to give you an idea how! I just did it little by little in my spare time. Rob liked it so much, he wanted to make a companion painting! So here is our little set.
If you start thinking about it now...it would be ready for father's day...

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Make Mothers Day Special #5: Start Hinting!

Time to start the hints. Now is about the right amount of time to hint, because it is enough time for him to actually do something, but not too much time that he still can forget! I like this line, but you can use any that work: "Honey, dont tell me what you are doing for me for mothers day...I really want it to be a surprise this year." If he starts to answer, (no matter what he is about to say) cut him off and say "no seriously, dont even hint at it, it will be so fun to find out on Mothers day! Im SO excited"
OK, so Lets review:
Making Mothers Day Special
1. Host a brunch for other mothers
2. Decide what you will wear and add any necessary accessories
3. Clean your house the day before
4. Make it about your mother
5. Start Hinting!

and the Twirly Skirt winner is...

who said "Love these. I looked at the pattern online but I am confused with the cutting out... a sewer I am not!"
Congratulations! Post here the color of skirt or exact skirt you want and Ill ship it off asap!
As for my other contestants, THANK YOU for entering, it was so much fun. I may seek permission to sell the skirts (because I love making them and picking the fabrics so much) but in the meantime, try to make one and email me if you run into problems or if you have any questions about it!


Baseball Party...perfect for summer!

I did a baseball party for Robbie's first birthday. It was SO fun that I think Ill do it again in a couple of years, and I think Ill do it in the summer instead of the winter.
The invitations were a white circle with red ribbon laced up both sides (just like the banner above)
We did simple food...but theme oriented. Licorice, crackerjacks, peanuts, baseball cupcakes, rootbeer floats and...
mini pigs in a blanket (from Costco) if you do it outside,you could do REAL hot dogs!
I used the wilton "ball" cake pan (which I have used every party since for one thing or another)

Since I always use jars, I just kept them filled with various treats around the house.
I also used some old baseballs in one, and this framed picture of Rob as a baseball player in highschool.
It is one of the easiest parties to do because there are SO many things that go!


Make Mothers Day Special #4: Make it about YOUR mom!

You have exactly 10 DAYS to figure out what to do for your mother for this special day. Maybe you could start now by writing a most heart-felt card! The best way to make your day spectacular is to try to forget about YOU being the mother and honor YOUR mother (and Grandmother!) What about an old photo of the 2 of you restored and framed...maybe even from your childhood. You may not find it on your computer, but maybe you could dig something up.
Whatever you decide, start working on it!