My home-upholstered ottoman

It all started with a picture...

I saw an ottoman that I liked online...but there was no way to get it.  It wasn't sold in stores.  So, I figured I would try to make it.  Here is a brief explanation of how I did it:

Rob built a plywood box.

My Mom and I covered it with 4 inch foam using a spray adhesive.

I decided I wanted "biscuit tufting" which means the squares are symmetrical (rather than diamond tufting where one side is longer)  So, I let my mom help in the measuring and drawing.

This is key:  This is a foam corer.  Everywhere that you are going to have a button...you need to core out the foam.  So every cross. (I borrowed this one from a local upholsterer. I dont know where to buy them)

Next, I drilled through the foam and the wood at every cross.

I brought the ottoman inside, because most of the messy part was over.  Then covered it in batting.  Then you need to tear a hole in the batting everywhere there is a hole in the foam

I had a huge fabric, so I only needed one seam. I put the seam on a diagonal so it would be hidden with the folds.

 Then...time to tuft.  OKAY, so in the real upholstery world, you would mark and measure your fabric beforehand.  That seemed daunting for me, so instead, I just started by doing one row at a time.  Remember, you dont pull the buttons from the bottom, you push them down from the top.  (or a combination.  I was underneath the ottoman and Rob was outside threading the needle through to me.  
This is a very long upholstery needle and thread.  you thread the button and then put both strands through the needle hole.   Underneath, you make one tie, put a little piece of batting in and tie again.

kind of look like little jellyfish.

I cut out a bunch of the extra fabric on the corners and then hand sewed up the corners.

Under the bottom button, slice the foam and stuff the additional fabric in the slits and pull underneath.
Just staple everything underneath.  (an electric carpet stapler became my best friend!)
I added some cute bun feet...and called it a day!  (or a couple weeks!)

Baby's Firsts Baby Shower

This was the most fun shower we did for my sister Emmy...more than 6 months ago!  It was a "baby's firsts" shower.  


I dont know where all my pictures are, so luckily I found a couple collages that show most of the decorations. 

My mom painted this cute tree with the birds.  The guests filled out leaves with things they were excited for the baby to experience and taped them onto the tree.  

For food we had mini salads (garden) barbecue sandwiches (first barbecue) fruit (first rainbow) frothy punch (first bubble bath)

The guests could paint the baby's first set of cars and a fun car mat to play on.

We had the baby's Dad josh create a playlist for each of the guests along with a cute pair of sunglasses.


There was a book about baby's firsts that we gifted the mommy as well.


Ruby Lou dolls

On one of those rare days, where I was feeling energetic, I saw the Ruby Lou Doll pattern at the fabric store.  So I bought it, and made these dolls for the girls.  They picked out all of their fabric, and were very particular about certain details!  Yeah.  Now I can say I have made a doll...2 dolls.  They love them, that is the fun part!
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A fresh flower wreath

The other day, my mom came over with all of the supplies to make her favorite wreath.  She taught my sister and I how to make one, so hopefully I can share it with you so you can make your own.

You will need:
a wire wreath form
potting soil
8-10 flowers
green flower wire

Ok..first you start with wet moss, and you lay it pretty side down on the counter
Lay your wreath form (the wire kind) over it
Now add potting soil over your wreath form, and pour water all over it.

Next lay your flowers this way and that so that they alternate sticking out on each side

once they are all there, one at a time, wrap the moss from the back around the base of the flowers,
securing at the top and bottom of each flower,with green flower wire
once you have them all in place, use that flower wire and secure all over the place
just wrap around and twist
once you have all the wire secured...use a pencil to curl the wire so it blends in
use multiple strands of the wire to make a hanging loop

and Voila...there you have it, your very own living wreath (that you need to remember to water, but it is so pretty you will want to water it!)
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Painting Upholstery

Just trying something new...I bought these lovely chairs on craigslist, and then painted the upholstery!  The texture definitely changes...kind of like outdoor furniture, but looks pretty darn good!
I used this tutorial, however...I skipped the acrylic paint step. 
(I need to put the final picture with the cushion up...I will soon!)

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Play Pants

I actually had to buy a pattern for these...I can never figure out the backs of pants!  Anyway, they were really fun and easy to make...now I want to make 10 more pair!

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