Ribbon Board

One way to hang up bows or pictures is by using a ribbon board. PBK had one a couple years ago and for those of us who missed out, we must make our own. EASY project...so listen up!
Choose a canvas, whatever size suits you. Then cover it with batting and white fabric, stapling it to the wood in the back. Then choose your ribbon, and lay it out in straight lines, stacking some if you want. Staple the ribbon to the back, just like you did with the fabric!

Here is my friend Kathy's. It is an 18X24...turned out perfect!

Here is mine, a 24X30 which means a TON of ribbon. I was so stressed out about colors...but I really do like how it turned out. (this is not the paint color of the room it is in!)

In the end...does it really matter which ribbons you use? I cant even see the ribbon anymore!
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baby gift applique...

OK, I know I go a little overboard with appliqueing things...but I thought these onesies just needed a little something!
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turkey projects for all ages!

If you have a playgroup and you dont know what to do...these are fun and easy!

This is for age 18 mos.-2 years. On paper, quick, easy, last minute!

This took a little more preparation for 3-4 years. Styrofoam balls painted brown, foam paper cut out in shapes, googly eyes, and feathers!
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Why not make a magnet board?

Today I woke up thinking about making a magnet board. I have seen them at friends' houses but dont have one in mine. So, I went to lowes and bought some sheet metal (you better go there first, to see what sizes they come in, before you buy the frame) I picked 24X30. Then I went to Michaels to get the red paint and the frame. I did have to trim my sheet metal just a bit (the metal cutters were $10 at lowes) but pretty much, it was an EASY project!

I finally took out these letter magnets out, that have been hiding in a bag for 2 years!
Just one more addition to the kid's playroom (and a lot less things on the fridge...for those of you who have them on your fridge!)
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It's PIE time!

If you are like me, you are probably just taking down Halloween...trying to shift gears to Thanksgiving! It is about time I do, because according to Martha, I should be making my pie crusts and freezing them already! Last year I did this, and it made a world of difference on Thanksgiving. You can make your pie dough, form it in your pie plates, then cover in seran wrap and freeze. I also made pans full of these cookie cutter shapes so that they would be ready. I guess I better get working!

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