The Twirly Skirt Giveaway!

I am doing my very own twirly skirt giveaway! I always enter give-aways on blogs and I never win, so I thought it was time to host my own! You can win one for your daughter, niece, or whomever you please! If you win, you will just need to choose a color (or an exact skirt from the pictures), and tell me the age of the recipient.

To enter, just leave a comment. The winner will be randomly chosen on May 4th and posted. You will have 2 days to comment back to get your prize.

I am excited! Good Luck!

You can be ANYTHING you want to be...

We live in the most AMAZING time! I just love that no matter who you are, what you are doing, how old you are or even how talented...you can truly be anything you want to be. Through Etsy and Ebay and local Parties and Blogging and the Internet, you can do whatever makes you happy. I think we all have friends that have just decided to become a photographer, or sell their crafts, or write a book and guess what...that person could be you too!
Last week I was a designer for a day, and a childrens clothes seamstress...today I think I will become a childrens book author. I already have my first line: "This morning on my way to school." (havent gotten past that part, but hey...it could happen!)
I just LOVE the accessibility we have to our dreams...it is amazing!


...about inviting, my little opinion

We all have an idea of who and how many people to invite to certain things, but I just thought I'd share my opinion. The best thing to always remember is: when in doubt, invite!

A baby shower: I say the more the merrier. Noone will be offended by being invited to a shower, even if they dont know the mom-to-be very well (I dislike that crazy notion...if they dont want to go, they wont). They may however feel bad not to be invited. These days people are so busy that not everyone will come...so make it easy and invite all you can.

Bridal shower: There may be more than one shower, which makes it easy because people fit nicely into categories: work, church, bookclubs, sororities, etc. In this case it has a lot to do with your hostess...she will decide on the theme of the shower which may affect the amount of guests.
Your Kid's Party: Of course, invite by age...that is the easiest way. This is hard, because you may want to invite YOUR friends' kids rather than your kids' friends. I think thats fine when they are little...(ok thats all I know) The biggest thing is invite as many as you can handle and have enough adults there to help!

All other get-togethers: (Dinner Parties, Girls Nights Out, Date nights, etc.) I may be crazy, but I still feel like more is better. If it means being a little tighter around the table, its a small price to pay to enjoy more friends!

Make Mothers Day Special: #3 Clean your house...

...Saturday, May 9th! The worst way to start off your Mother's day is to wake up to a dirty house! You may want to go as far as to put away some of the inevitable daily cleanup projects (kids play food, blocks, laundry, etc) If you prepare the day before you wont be disappointed if the family isnt making everything clean for you. I say give it a try!


My own Project Runway...

It all started with this Gucci top. I have been looking for something to wear to Rob's graduation (You know...you just want something new!) Anyway, I saw this top in Cookie Magazine, and I LOVED it. I was sold on it, until I looked at the price...$1200.00! Since that is just a tad out of my price range, and I couldnt get the shirt out of my mind...I decided to attempt something crazy...try to make one like it! I figured, I have made about 12 little girls skirts, why couldnt I design and sew a 1200 dollar shirt? So...
I started with muslin at 1.50 a yard. I had an idea of how to make something similar...but never tried to make the same thing. I never ended up putting both sleeves on the muslin version and I also didnt want to put a zipper on the fake one...too much work

Here is the muslin one, as far as I got. I first tried the real version in organza, but since I was going for white...it looked bridal, or bridesmaid-like. I decided on poplin...and when I had it all done, Rob said it looked like I had a sheet wrapped around me!
Here it is! I added a black rolled hem to the bow, and I really think it helped the sheet part. The sleeves were slightly difficutl, but the scariest part was the invisible zipper. I dont know if I did it right, but I did it!
The bow takes awhile to tie right. It looks slightly different everytime I put it on.
I like how the back swooshes to one side. It isnt perfect by any mean, but I love my little creation!
So the best part...it cost about $20.00 to make! I ordered the pencil skirt from banana and it fits well, which is good because I really didnt want to have to make a skirt. Now I am having fun looking for shoes, bracelets and a clutch. (I got the shoes...bright yellow patent leather...love them!)

So, what do you think? Should I get a dress form and make it a hobby, or is it a one time thing? Who knows, but it was a fun project!

How to Applique...for those who've asked

The shirts are SO easy...you just need an idea, an iron and some cool stuff called "wonder under." I was SO scared to start, and now they are really fun!

1. You need to buy this stuff, "wonder under," it comes in a tube at Joannes

2. Draw your shape on the rough side of the WU paper, and cut it out.
3. Iron the rough side of your shape, to the wrongside of the fabric.
4. Cut out the shape in the fabric.
5. Peel of the backing off your fabric shape, and place it on the shirt and iron it.
6. Sew around the shape...you can do a straight stitch, a small zig-zag, or very close together zigzag...
...and wa la!
I wash and dry them like normal. If you do a straight stitch, the edges may fray a little, but I like that look. Anyway, good luck...and please share your ideas!

Make Mothers Day Special #2: Decide on an outfit, today

I cant think of anything more frustrating, than waking up on Mothers Day and sifting through your closet...to find NOTHING! So, decide today what you will wear on your special day. If you need to add shoes, or a bracelet...start looking for them now. It will be one more thing to be happy about come May 11th!


Make Mothers Day Special: #1 Host Brunch

OK, here is the plan. The number one complaint about Mother's Day, is that it really isnt a day for Mothers at all. We HOPE we wont do any dishes, cook, clean, or listen to one argument between the kids on our special day...but guess what, NEVER HAPPENS! So, I am going to think of a couple things you can do, to make it special.
#1 Host a brunch for other Mothers.
Just know that you can make it special for other people, and that may make you happy too. Invite your Mom, Mother-in-Law, or a couple friends over for a special Mothers Day brunch. Decorate the table with your favorite table cloth, dishes, and flowers. Since I LOVE favors, make sure to have a small favor at each place setting (small lotion, burts bees product, wrapped up candy, if you really have time: a bright pin cushion)
Keep the Food simple, as to not wear yourself out: Quiche (either homemade or mini quiches from costco), waffles and strawberries, fresh squeezed orange juice, paninis, anything really.
Sounds fun right...well get planning, and you will forget all about what people should be planning for you!

Flower Arranging Kit...another Mom gift

I just found this here and I really love the idea! A pretty jar, that could be a vase, some flower cutting scissors, a stem stripper, maybe a little flower food (she also talks about some sort of clay and a stem frog) Anytime your Mom cuts fresh flowers, or brings them home from the store, she can just get out her little kit instead of using kitchen shears and knives (like I do)!

Remember: Mother's Day is Coming

Time to start thinking about Mother's Day gifts. Let it be known that my mother is getting a black and white polkadot oilcloth tablecloth with a green edge for her outside dining table. My mother in law is getting a oilcloth beach bag (similar to the one I made last year for myself)
This year...I am on a sewing kick so Im going homemade, normally I would go buy something of course. If these ideas sound good, and you dont have a serger...try modern june on etsy.
If you do, let me know and I will give you instructions on how and what to make.


I love my market tote...

About a month ago, I was walking through TJ Maxx and came across a whole bunch of these market totes in an array of colors. I had to picked one up for a friend's birthday...and then had to grab a couple colors for myself. They have endless uses (not including the market, because I havent tried that yet!) I put one in between the kids carseats with toys, books & snacks, I use one to cart things up and down stairs, I put primary stuff in it for church, I leave one collapsed in the car to take in all the stuff after an outing, picnics, a quick clean-up clutter, craft basket, etc. Now...they are only $9.99 at TJ's and 35.00 at Sur La Table
You may want to check out TJ's first


Shirts for Skirts

Well here they are, the matching shirts. Some are definitely better than others, and then there are a stack of skirts that dont have shirts yet! The top picture is just a RL top that went so well, I decided not to make one. The others are just ideas...and so fun to make.


The salad...yummy

Here is the grilled lemon chicken salad from today...we ate it with rolls and then strawberry shortcake for dessert. Yummy, Healthy, Perfect for spring and Easy! Again, here is the recipe.
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Spring Showers

Spring showers are So much fun. The food is so easy, bright, and refreshing. Here is one shower I did 3 years ago, but I think I would do the exact same thing again!
The menu: barefoot contessa grilled lemon chicken salad, giant croissants, strawberries, cream puffs & lemon cake.
I think I do cream puffs for any occassion because I love what they look like in a bowl.
About the salad...I love it! My friend Lizzie introduced me to it, and now I pull it out once or twice each spring, mostly for a get together or a small luncheon. (note: it is very easy, for I am not a cook)
I am actually making it today...so Ill post a new picture later!
see here for recipe
(I ofter use blanched asparagus instead of sugar snap peas because rob doesnt like the peas)

(by the way, what camera was I using?)

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Twirlies for Mommies...I guess so!

I was getting a little jealous of Elle's 6 new skirts, so I had to try them out myself...I think for lounging, walking, and beaching they will work out just fine! I think I like the wider band on the blue/orange one...so I may redo the hem of the other.

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A trip to the Liquor Store...for Boxes!

I am sure you all know the little secret, but there is one good thing about liquor stores...FREE BOXES! It has made packing SO nice, because I am a compulsive dish collector and dishes fit so nicely in the smaller thick boxes. We may be making multiple trips to the truck, but we won't break our backs doing it!
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