Elle's Mother-Daughter Tea Party

I have had so much fun planning Elle's third birthday party. My mom and I spent a month looking for tea cups and saucers at goodwills and homegoods. I collected little details and ideas...and finally got to set up, decorate and throw the party.

I went pretty simple. I used cream cardstock and used and eyelet paper punch around the edges. I used a simple drawing of a teapot in hotpink and then used clear sprinkles over it. It read:
"to celebrate Elle turning three
you are invited to a mother-daughter tea"
then ended with
"wear your loveliest dress and a pair of pearls
and we will enjoy high tea as beautiful girls"

I was so excited to make my first fondant cake. I started with the wilton ball pan, and shaped a handle, spout, and knob. Then, rolled out the fondant placed it over the ball and smoothed. Im sure you can see how I did the rest..but if you are making a similar cake, let me know and I will tell you how I did it!

I set each place setting with a tea cup and saucer, fan folded napkin, little teapot place card, and a doilly on the plate. I used 10 colored tissue balls hanging from the ceiling. I put teapots and tea cups in my buffet and around. I found beautiful scarf print table cloths at WS outlet. I used the cricut for some really cool tea pot cut outs and to make a big banner. I also had the books "Tea for Ruby" and Fancy Nancy's tea parties on display" (they also helped me in the planning)

As soon as the girls and their moms got to my house, they started to decorate little hats and purses with flowers and ribbon. Then they came over to the living room and I started to tell them a little bit abou tea parties. As I did, Elle handed them white satin gloves and a pair of pearls so they would be really fancy for the pictures. Then the moms and daughters got their pictures taken in the little booth. (a hung up flowery sheet and another one on the floor with a white chair)

After we took all the pictures, it was time for our tea party. I opened the doors to the room for a grand entrance. The big banner said "ELLE's TEA ROOM"


(most everything was cut in flower shapes and topped with a fancy toothpick-with a paper butterfly of flower at the top) I made different cakeplates to hold the food using a china plate glued to an upside down dessert cup. They were all different heights.

sandwiches : chicken salad for moms, peanutbutter-marshmallow cream for girls, watermelon & blueberries, apples and half grapes, cheddar & mozz. cheese, swiss cheese & raspberry, scones, raspberry tarts, tea cakes, pink marshmallows, and Raspberry Lemonade with sprite as our tea.

We enjoyed tea for a long time and then ate cake and peppermint icecream. Then Elle gave the girls a small copy of Tea for Ruby (which I found in cereal boxes...so I have a ton of cheerios at my house) and said goodbye to her little friends.


The girls had a little tea party collection to take home: hats, purses, their tea cup and saucer, pearls, gloves and their little books. The mom's could pick a cake plate to take home with them!

TEA PARTY ATTIRE: I found a dress by Betsey Johnson called "the tea party dress" so I knew that was a must, Miranda my sister made my headband and found my actual tea party calfskin cream gloves at goodwill in DC. A lot of the girls found their little skirts made by popatu at Nordstrom...a good alternative to pettiskirts because the price was good and they werent so HUGE.

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homemade cinnamon rolls

I made these for a couple families on thanksgiving, and I think there may be no greater act of love than waking up early to roll them out, let them rise, bake & frost then deliver. I felt so good doing it, but I wouldnt mind trying the kind you can make ahead. My friend has a recipe for that kind...so Ill let you know!
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still making homemade Christmas Cards

I wonder when I will switch...next year the next? When will I finally give in to the digital revolution?
This year, I tried to think of a "simple card." Making 125 of anything doesnt end up being simple.
I stamped and embossed the little saying "Merry Christmas Dear Friend" then punched it out, stuck it to the picture that was stuck to the cardstock. Then "inked" or distressed the edges, cut slits inside to put another picture, printed, folded, addressed...It is so worth it (I think) but it does take quite a few late nights!
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Baked Brie

I know I posted something like this last year, but can I tell you how much I love making baked brie! EASIEST THING EVER!

you need:
puff pastry
egg whites
raspberry jam OR pear, brown sugar and pecans

roll out puff pastry, cut off the top rind of brie, spread either topping, fold corners over brie to wrap it, brush egg whites and bake at 400 for 30 minutes.

Yeah and Yum!

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Thank You Nordstrom for my gift tags

In last month's Nordstrom catalogue, I was so excited to find a whole page full of adorable gift tags! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the artwork!
I wont be making gift tags this year!

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More shirts...

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Halloween Party Food & Drinks

Ok, here is the table with food...similar to last year...ok, pretty much exactly the same as last year!

The drink bar was similar to last year, but I added one new one...
(that is nacho libre in the back!)

Hot Chocolate & rootbeer with dry ice. Water of course, and...

"shrilly temples!" It was fun to fill the punch bowl with gingerale and dry ice! That was a new one for me. then I had a little bottle of "Sweet Joint Juice" (grenadine) next to it, and a bowl of "Bloody Eyeballs" (maraschino cherries). The Shirleys were a huge hit!
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Death by Sweetness-Halloween Party Dessert

Last year...pumpkin pies were a huge disappointment! So this year I went with the more contemporary dessert: CUPCAKES! My friend Annilee is a serious baker and baked one hundred cupcakes for me FROM SCRATCH. (fresh strawberry, smore, white-chocolate raspberry on chocolate & pumpkin with cream cheese frosting.) They turned out amazing and the table was so fun!

She had decorated each one using fondant figurines. I LOVE TALENTED PEOPLE!

This was the moment of delivery. I was almost in tears I was so excited!
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Halloween Party set up & Details

Ok...why change a good thing. EXACT table setting as last year. I just redid the signs in the new font.

These little haunted houses are from target....I thought they were so cute! They had 3-4 styles.

Im not a "web person" but I did like my little webbed fireplace area. I used glittered pumpkins in the urns to tie it in a bit.

Costume prizes were these cute black glasses from PB, etched with skulls and filled with purple hersheys kisses.
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Halloween Party Set Up & Details

I tried to keep everything black and white. I filled my dish-shelf with Black Glitter Skulls & tealights in black buckets.

I used pictures of some of last year's winners...Including a scary vampire couple.
I also tried to keep all my signs the same as the font/format as the invitations.

This year we eliminated the "scariest costume" and went for "very best."

This was a fun sign to make...I cut out that bat and then glittered it to match in invitations.
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Iron on-printable paper!

I just discovered this hidden gem at office depot and I think my life is about to change. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

For my costume, I just googled an image, typed some text and PRINTED. After some high pressure ironing...I had a new shirt.
Stay tuned for some cute personalized kids shirts. I saw some in Chasing Fireflies...and I will be making some shortly!

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Halloween teacher treats!

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More Sillhouette Shirts

I actually used the CRICUT on these...how amazing is that?
(I will need to get a new blade if I end up doing this more often)

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