sweater wrapped wreaths

Inspired by the anthropologie letters, I wrapped a wreath form in a goodwill sweater!

Then, I tried it with a gap scarf!
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Elf Workshop Party

We just had a great party for Elle's fifth birthday.
This year, I decided to use a Christmas theme, because her birthday is so close to the Holiday.

(they are supposed to be Elf hats...I know they kind of look like Christmas trees)

I made a felt banner, welcoming the kids to the "Elf Workshop"

When the kids got here, we divided them into groups by color of elf hat.  We also gave them a name tag, so as not to confuse the 22 little elfs!

There were 4 little workshops:

Elf ornament workshop

Wrapping Present Workshop
(I gave them the bottom of a box at the beginning to collect all their crafts, and then when they got to this station, they wrapped the lid of the box, and put a tag on it.

Jingle Toy Station
(I played and played with ideas of how to make a simple jingle stick, and the best idea for their age, was just having them wrap twine (pre strung with bells) around a stick.  It worked great and they turned out darling!

Cookies for Santa Workshop:
they decorated cookies, and then I had prelabeled the bags to say "Santa's Cookies"

Snacks and Cake:
(the Elf EATERY)

We went with a simple Elf Hat, to go with the theme...It started out looking funny, but by the end, Rob and I were proud of our little cake!

crowd favorite...oh, and SO easy to make and look cute...3 good reasons to make chocolate and sprinkle dipped marshmallows on a stick.

Pirate booty...instead of cupcakes, as if they need more sugar!

Elle, in her elf outfit...proud to be the birthday girl!

I had a lot of great helpers...My Mom, sisters and friend Muranda all helped MAN the party!

Oh wait...then SANTA came!  He was darling and they had a lot of fun sitting on his lap.

Elle was hesitant at first, because he reminded her of her poppa...hmmm

Santa gave them each a penguin shaped ring pop.
Then, after the festivities were over, they took their wrapped present with all their goodies home with them.

the tags say:
Thank you for helping at the elf workshop today.
My birthday party was wonderful because of friends like you.
Love, Elle, the Birthday Elf
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Kate Middleton Costume

This Costume was harder than it looks!

I researched hats for weeks...and finally settled on my great grandmothers hat and added peacock feathers
The dress was from SAVERS, but my mom took it in and added little black buttons.
The ring, that you cant see was ordered on etsy.

But the hair extensions...those were the hard parts.

I was trying to go cheap...so I bought these ghetto REAL hair 16 inch dark brown/platinum blonde CRIMPY extensions.
First, I dyed them brown.
Then I spent 2 hours straightening them
Then curled them
Next I had to cut them and hand sew clips to them!
Not to mention trying to put them on!

Anyway, my hair looked longer, but I did have one person ask me if Kate was known for frizzy hair!

I have to wait for pictures from the photog...so you can see William!
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Ina's Apple Tart

This was surprisingly easy...and delicious!
As long as you are up to peeling and slicing your apples (or using the apple corer-peeler) then get going, it really is great!
You can find the recipe here.
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Autumn Leaf Baked Brie

I tried to dress up my bries a little for a wedding reception.

I literally just cut off the top rind, making a little bit of a well.

Then a couple of them I layered pecans, pears and brown sugar before folding the pastry over. I also use various types of jam (my favorite is cranberry blood-orange cherry, but sometimes I just use raspberry.

(these are before they were cooked...I didnt get to see the final product!)
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Halloween Costumes 2011

This year we went Japanese.
I talked the girls into it by saying they were Japanese Princesses..which they were!
Their costumes were really fun to make, I love all the fun shiny fabrics.

(I didnt make Lukies costume...but had to search long and hard for a red dragon!)
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Halloween Party 2011

Bloody details.

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Halloween lanterns

I saw one of these in a local boutique, and decided to make my own.
I ordered a bunch of orange and black lanterns here. I only painted the one with an own, then painted polka dots on all the black ones. Made it easy to decorate the backyard!
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