Mad Science Party

Okay...this one was unbelievably fun!  
Fun to plan, fun to learn about and fun to put on...so lets get started!
(Ill put as many details as I can at the bottom of the post!)

When the kids arrived, they walked through doors with signs with the mad science lab logo.  They got inside and came to this table:

"Mad Scientist Transformation Station"

they received a personalized box for their experiments, lab glasses, and a lab coat.

gable boxes

lab coats: mens vneck tshirts cut straight down the center.  I also ironed their names on the front and the lab logo on the back.

well...here she is, the scientist herself!  (someone had to run the party!)

decorating...super easy!  lab white!!!

They started around u-shaped tables, so we could do experiments together.  
They each had an erlenmeyer flask, little pie pan, petri dish, "buddha temple" wood & nails

Here is the demonstration table...where I showed them how to do experiments, and demonstrated "dangerous" ones! 

Gathering station: as soon as they transformed into scientists, they created marshmallow and toothpick towers until all the kids arrived.

Here are the 22 cute scientists!

after the hour of demonstration, we broke up into groups and they went to stations


food:  our party was between 2-4, so cupcakes and root beer floats

Mini Lava Lamps

silly putty & slime

make snow

feather light airplanes & helicopters

Soda geysers (ended up being a favor because we ran out of time)

foam gnomes

Back to the Demo table...

Here I am explaining the lab rules. 
these are the best posters from loose in the lab!  

  Here they are trying to figure out the buddha temples...

figured it out!

about to demonstrate "elephant toothpaste."  

I gave them those growing jelly balls to put in their petri dishes and watch through out the party

Here is my "surprise fire" demo (I did multiple all at the same time)

Here is the birthday boy showing off "orange sorbet"

when they broke off into stations:
lava lamps


foam gnomes


First of all, Bryce Hixson from Loose in the Lab helped me so much!  I purchased most of my experiments from them...he even demonstrated them to me so that I would get it right.  If you don't live in Utah, he has his demos online on his sight and on youtube.

Gathering station: marshmallow and toothpick towers

Demonstration station:
buddha temples-balance 7 nails on top of one
jelly balls in petri dish
orange sorbet (loose in the lab) made in flasks

-these things i actually demonstrated, they just watched-
tornado tube (need connector between 2 pop bottles, loose in the lab)
surprise fire (loose in the lab)
elephant toothpaste (loose in the lab)

(all from loose in the lab)
lava lamps
boogers (just need jars, or containers)
silly putty
foam gnomes
helicopters, planes (instructions from loose in the lab)

Mentos, Coke...order a car on amazon...it is so fun to watch it explode and make the car shoot through the parking lot!

OK, so all the supplies I got at loose in the lab...you could technically get everything there...
I did get a couple things other places
mens v-necks: walmart/target
erlenmeyer flasks...this is a hard one, I found some online for a good price but the shipping doubled the price.  I ordered them anyway...but guess what, they never shipped them.  So I ended up getting them at a local store called "developmental scientific"  you may have to do the same

Also, I have to credit one charming party for helping me with many ideas.  She came up with the lab coats from t shirts, her links helped me find the glasses and the original flasks.

I highly suggest this party...SO MUCH FUN!!