Setting for Sushi

This is such a fun dinner party. It may seem daunting, but rolling sushi rolls is really easy. Make sure you have bamboo mats, rice, nori (seaweed paper), crab, cucumber, and avocado and you are ready to make the most simple kind. You can find everything you need in the asian isle at most grocery stores. Buy a sushi cookbook...or google how to make sushi to find some easy instructions. We do this all the time, and let the men cook! There are so many variations and sides: fried rice, tempura, coconut shrimp, stirfry, etc. click here for easy california roll instructions.



This is a perfect get-together for a large group or a small group. This particular time it was for a large group...for a shower. We did 2 cheeses and chocolate.
So, for this event you will need: 2 fondue pots and a chocolate fountain (or another fondue pot)
Wheat, Italian, French, Pumpernikel, and Rye bread (cubed) (ok..you can just do one, but I love the selection)
Vegetables cut up (anything that doesnt need to be cooked to be dipped:broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celerey, mushrooms, peppers, apples, etc
Yummy things to dip in chocolate including: strawberries, pretzels, brownies, bananas, cream puffs, pound cake, cheesecake, marshmallows, etc
For swiss fondue...I buy the packets (gourmet grocery stores carry them in the imported cheeses.)
For Cheddar fondue (my husbands favorite) You just mix cheddar cheese soup with real grated cheddar
For the chocolate, you can use a recipe or buy fountain chocolate. You can also use chocolate chips and add veggie oil
Dont forget the skewers!

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Snowflake Party

Elle's Snowflake Party was So fun to plan. Anything WHITE, SILVER, or AQUA worked for the decorations...I began brainstorming, and this is what I came up with! The invitations were So easy. They are just printed on cardstock with an metallic aqua polkadot at the top and a white snowflake brad through it. (Thank you Michaels for having things I need!)

I love home made banners...this one is silver cardstock cut out with a snowflake cookie cutter.

I began collecting snowflake ornaments to make a garland, and to hang in any places that needed something extra. It was nice having the party after Christmas, because a lot of them I found on sale.

I got the idea for this tree from Miranda. I spraypainted the branches white and hung silver balls on them.

You can imagine how fun the food table was...

Serving dishes: white or silver, of course.

The dessert menu: water, white hot chocolate with choice of toppings: whip cream, white chocolate shavings, or marshmallows, hersheys kisses, white powder dougnuts, cake, frosted sugar cookies, or cupcakes. A lot of sweets...but it was a dessert party.

Elle's cake was a coconut snowball.

Everyone elses cake was the costco kind...with the birthday message.

The kids table has punched out large polkadots in aqua and silver punched out snowflakes.

mini cupcupcakes make a little snowflake

More cupcakes in case someone is still hungry? They have snowflake sprinkles in the colors.

Favors: white chocolate carmel covered pretzel rods. YUM!Each one is tied with a silver ribbon with a little tag that says "thank you."