Baseball Party...perfect for summer!

I did a baseball party for Robbie's first birthday. It was SO fun that I think Ill do it again in a couple of years, and I think Ill do it in the summer instead of the winter.
The invitations were a white circle with red ribbon laced up both sides (just like the banner above)
We did simple food...but theme oriented. Licorice, crackerjacks, peanuts, baseball cupcakes, rootbeer floats and...
mini pigs in a blanket (from Costco) if you do it outside,you could do REAL hot dogs!
I used the wilton "ball" cake pan (which I have used every party since for one thing or another)

Since I always use jars, I just kept them filled with various treats around the house.
I also used some old baseballs in one, and this framed picture of Rob as a baseball player in highschool.
It is one of the easiest parties to do because there are SO many things that go!


Jake, Teylor and Walker said...

This turned out so cute! Walker turns 1 on June and I was totally planning on a baseball party. I already went last week and bought the decor. I bought a round cake pan too - then i saw your post - how great! I was also wanting to get those big foam fingers since they hold up a "one" and I thought the kids would like them. Any idea where I can buy them and not have to buy in bulk like 100? I saw them on oriental trading -but you have to buy a TON of them.

Bronowyn said...

You totally don't know me... but Emily does... I worked/work with her.

I told her about my baby shower idea for my friend, baseball themed (it's a boy!)... and I might be taking some of your ideas!

Thanks! Great looking party.