Emergency Preparedness...where to start!

Hooray for me I found a way to START food storage. I doubt you will ever see me at the cannery or buying loads of rice and beans (especially if I have to change them every year...who does that?) but luckily, you can buy this handy bucket at costco containing 275 servings and has a 20 YEAR shelf life! (and for 69.99 or 79.99 online with free shipping) So, I figure its a start and a very "easy to store" start. I was thinking you could just buy one a month if you are trying to get to a year (for 2-3 people)
I also found this at the same place and figured it is nice to have all this stuff in one place. (99.00)
SO, in an emergency, I may not be eating delicacies, but I will be eating...and my real plan is stocking up on candy bars because they will be in high demand! here or here

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sara said...

that is a really good idea!