A Special Delivery

Well, I was trying to come up with Valentines Ideas...and though it isnt super original, here is what I did.
I went to Victoria Secret and got a gift card, and the biggest box they had and the biggest bag they had. Then I put 2 dozen cupcakes in the bag, and the gift card and the boxers in the box and had them delivered to his office.
I thought it would be funny to put balloons with it too, to really make a scene...but I think the huge box and bag drew enough attention!

I am a little bit proud of my cupcakes because I went to our cupcake bakery and looked at them, and since they couldnt have them ready the next day...I had to make them. I used the Duncan Hines red velvet box and then made the cream cheese frosting using the sprinkles recipe: (1 stick butter, 1 cube cream cheese, 3.75 cups powder sugar, a little vanilla) Anyway I think they turned out well and I saved 50 dollars!

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Elise said...

Perfect Chels... per usual! Thanks for sending the box prototype too. I know you're so busy, but I really appreciate it. You're the bestest! ITB, E

P.S. Love seeing all the cute DG's and their mini-me's. You all looked gorgeous!