Cars & Trucks Birthday

The invitation:

The decorations:
a lot of primary colors...but the best part was the black table cloths with yellow masking tape making roads! We had a kid table with a road down the middle and then a bunch of car stickers for them to stick on the road.

You know I always have to have a jar of candy somewhere!
The Food:
since we had an open house, we just did pizza, veggies and rootbeer floats.
...and cupcakes!
The Cake:
Rob's the professional...he molded a car, who knows how he does it!
and a costco sheet cake with nothing on it. I decorated it at home with these dollar store cars.
Kids activities:
I bought a car rug (with the streets and everything) and had it out with a bucket of dollar store cars (that all went into the trash after) If he would have had hotwheels at that point, we could have used those.
and my favorite always, THE FAVORS!
oreo cookies labeled :SPARE TIRES


Lizzie and James said...

Rob is missing his calling in cake decorating! Seriuosly impressive!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Cute party!

Elise said...

So fun Chels. What a lucky boy to have a mom who put so much into his birthday celebration!!!

Natalie said...

I saw this post on your blog - months and months ago - and I've been waiting for Mason's birthday to use your cute ideas!!! Mason's b-day is next month and I hope you don't mind but I'm going to steal you darling party idea!

Thanks for such an inspirational blog. I check it out all the time! =)

Anonymous said...

Great thing that you have things like this one.

I can remember still that one of this machine called the bucket trucks helped me to cut trees on my front yard covering my window views.