Yummy Food for a great get together

Mango Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken (marinated in balsamic)
Provolone cheese (shredded or in small slices)
Spring Mix salad

1 clove minced garlic
3TB spicy brown mustard
3TB honey
3 TB balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper
1 cup olive oil
Whisk all ingredients together except olive oil. Add olive oil and whisk. toss in salad.

My Cute friend Emily gave me this recipe at Outerbanks one year...and now it is a favorite for book clubs, showers, and small dinner parties! YUM!

Did you know that rolls arent scary? Yes you have to think about them the night before, and then again 4 hours before...and you never want them to burn in the oven after all the work...but you know what. If I can make rolls, you can make rolls!
I use the junior league out of this world rolls or lately "feather overnight rolls" out of the mormon cookbook.

Please get your baking apron on and make these IMMEDIATELY! Pumpkin cupcakes with cream chees frosting and shaved milk chocolate. Im kind of in heaven. really, I want 12 more!

There were some other great dishes that I dont have pictured...but get started with these!

I know, I know...IZZE is the new cool drink for showers mostly because of the packaging probably. BUT amazingly, they really are SO good and pretty good for you, so what a WIN WIN!
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Playful Professional said...

Can you please give me that recipe for pumpkin cupcakes? They look amazing!!

Becky said...

yes, please, the recipe for the pumpkin cupcakes!!!