So you need a Valentines Idea...by tomorrow!

OK, here is what I can offer you if you are up to it.  All you need for tomorrow is a special invitation for your hubby...and the date can be Next weekend.  See, I have just given you one more week to plan.  The invititation could be for one of the following things (all of them could be with the 2 of you or with another couple or two to share the fun):

1.  Did you see Modern Family this week?  Yes, you can invite him to meet you in a hotel lobby next week (with or without the role playing) Then, go out to eat, eat there...whatever you want.  

2.  Bachelor style.  What is the one thing they do on the bachelor for dates?  Did I hear HELICOPTER?  Give him an invitation (bachelor style wording)  to soar above the town with you next week.  I looked into rides here and they range from 35-100 dollars per person...so do the 35 and then eat at home!

3.  My new favorite, but would be super fun with another couple, give him an invitation to a special live dinner.   Then decorate one of your homes or dining rooms, and next week have all the sides put together except for the main dish...LOBSTER.  Pull out the live lobsters and all figure out how to make them!  There are so many sources for figuring it out...I think this would be so fun!

4.  An invitation to your favorite country themed night...next week, go all french with fondue and a french movie, italian, mexican, japanese and watch memoirs of a geisha...anything.

5.  Romantic picnic

It doesnt matter what you decide...just get out of your comfort zone a little and tomorrow, surprise him with the invitation.  Then work on the planning!

Have fun! 


Cher said...

Amen! :)

Crystal said...

I just LOVE looking at your blog! You have some amazing Ideas! How do you do it all??? I have 4 boys and barely am staying a float just keeping up on laundry, a clean house and putting dinner on the table! What's your secret?