Elle's Beauty Party (Makeup!!!)

We knew a Makeup party was in store for Elle at some point...who knew it would be at 4 years old! 
This was such a fun party for me to plan, but also for the little girls who attended!


Each envelope was tied with this cute ribbon, and inside could be found...
...the invitation (my sister Miranda turned Elle's picture into this 50's beauty queen...it became the theme of the party!) and...
a beauty mask!

boy did I have fun sewing 10 of these!  At first they seemed easy, but I used a stripe fabric, then the batting, the lace and minkie...I think I sewed around each one 3-4 times!


Ok, so decorations were quite simple! I made a couple different fabric buntings to hang various places, and then signs with Elle's picture. The makeup and nail polish helped me decorate!


I made a little schedule up, to make sure we had time for everything...it looked a little something like this:
10-10:15 coloring make up on faces
10:15-10:45 brunch
10:45-11:00 makeup/hair (divide group in 2)
11:00-11:15 hair/makeup (divide group in 2)
11:15-11:45 manicure/pedicure (altogether)
11:45-12:00 presents & cake and icecream
So they started by coloring until they all arrived:

Brunch was SUPER simple...fresh fruit cups, mini quiches, raspberry lemonade & pastries.
Then they went to their stations.

Hair Salon
(I made them each a cute fabric headband, so doing their hair wouldnt be too hard!)



Then of course we took pictures of the little Beauties!


I decided to make all the makeup out of fondant, but use real mirrors!  So, after a couple hours of work...Voila!


Each little girl went home with her own set of "Elle" beauty products!

I ordered the bottles online, and filled them with bath and body works lotion, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner (in pink colors) Then I made labels to match the theme.

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c.e.l.i.n.a said...

Ummmmm THIS is the cutest party EVER.

I want one. Like for my 28th.

Muranda said...

way cute, chels!! amazing as always.

Cassie said...

This is so darling! Definitely going in my party idea file!

Lisa said...

Chelsea, you've done it again! The best girl party ever! I love your creativity, can I have some? Can't believe how big Elle looks. Her little face doesn't look so little anymore. What a cutie!


Ellie loved every second of the party. She appreciated every single detail you put into it! Amazing as usual!

Cristina HW said...

absolutely wonderful! i LOVE how it turned out! thanks for sharing. :)

Steph said...

Out of control Chelsea as always. You make me want to have a girl. Love it. Glad to hear you are going back to SLC. I'm sure both families are very happy. Good for you!

Jer + Lu said...

Super cute party! I especially love your daughter's picture turned 1950s-ish. You are so generous with all your favors-- lucky girls!

Life Cycle of Chaos said...

Wow your a very creative mom. Amazing!! I also have a child she is 12 and disabled. Please visit my web page at http://lifewithmydisabledchild.blogspot.com/ and let know what you think.