The Giving Tree Birthday Party (Jane's 2nd)

We just celebrated Jane's second birthday with a "Giving Tree Openhouse."
I knew being 8.5 months pregnant, I would have to keep it simple...but even that was a little bit of work!

This was so fun.  It was so simple, but I loved the little boy turned into a little girl! 

ok...so there weren't a lot of decorations! 
A big happy birthday banner, made of the pictures in the book, with big pink letters...
I sewed a ribbon across the top of the paper to hook them together...it worked really well!
I did fill a couple large jars with apples and branches...to go with the theme.
I actually ordered a plain cake white rectangle cake from the grocery store.  I just wanted a clean slate to work with.  The night before, Rob drew the little girl and the apple on some fondant, and then used drew the tree with melted chocolate on parchment paper.  I know it isnt the typical birthday cake, but I loved it!  I thought it looked kind of artsy...and being mostly black and white reminded me of a page of the book.


Since it was a later openhouse, we just had some munchies that went with our Leaves, Apples & Branches theme.

Branches: soft pretzels
apples: apple slices with a yummy dip (cream cheese, brown sugar and heath bar...YUM!)
Leaves: Lime sugar cookies (these usually are white with little specks of green from the lime zest, but I added food coloring to make really green.
Apples: apple juice & sprite
Leaves: Spinach Strawberry salad (with sugared almonds, feta cheese & poppyseed dressing)
Branches: Barefoot Contessa's cheese straws
I knew most of the time the kids would be upstairs running around playing, but I did want a small activity just in case... Coloring pages of the book...how simple!


I found these cute pillows at Pottery Barn Teen.  For every one purchased, a tree was planted!  Every family took one...most of them had at least one little girl that was excited about it!
Because I didnt make the caramel chocolate dipped pretzels for the Holidays, I thought I would make them for favors...and they went with the "branches" theme.


Of course at the last minute I decided to make Jane a shirt for her birthday party. 
I printed the little girl and the apple (with a 2 on it) onto iron-on paper, and ironed it on!  I love that stuff!

She was pretty proud of it...showing it to everyone!
Too Bad I couldnt get a perfect picture...thats how it goes I guess!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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Mrs. M said...

Happy birthday, dear Jane! Chelsea, I think this is my favorite of all your parties (maybe because its simplicity makes me think, "Hey, maybe I could do that.") I love your ideas and your implementation.

carol said...

Fun idea! I would love the recipe for the lime cookies, are they spritz cookies?

Jer + Lu said...

Your parties never cease to amaze. Seriously-- you have great talent. Love the theme. Turned out darling!!

Ardy said...

You're creativity is off the charts! I loved viewing all your cool ideas...

Ardy said...

WoW is all I can say!