Easter Egg Dyeing

I had high hopes of doing some really creative egg dyeing and decorating this year...but, as happens so often lately, we BARELY got around to doing it the most basic way. (you know, vinegar and food coloring!)

We made it into a fun activity with neighborhood friends and moms.

I wish you didnt have to refrigerate hard-boiled eggs, because they looked divine in my cupcake tree.

the bad news:  I thought I was being so smart using my oilcloth tablecloth...ok, totally stained it! 
Any ideas???
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em said...

No help here for your tablecloth (it's ADORABLE) but we used to have 8 of those same glasses. They gradually got broken, one by one, and we're down to only 1. We found them at a Down East Warehouse sale or something like that but the glasses themselves were WS. I've asked at several WS stores and they don't seem to carry them anymore! Where'd you get yours?? Or have you had them for like, 7 years?? We miss them.

Anonymous said...

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ificould said...

Try using ammonia- or window cleaner, something with ammonia in it- to clean it. My daughter got into my food coloring and got it all over her clothes. The window cleaner totally got it out- I did have to let the clothes sit in a bowl of it for about an hour. Good luck!

Tasha said...

I am dying over your party invitation for your superhero party. What a fun party!! Is it possible for you to share your invitation template for me to "borrow" for my son's 8th birthday? Pretty please!!

TexasBlueEyes said...

Try whitening toothpast on the stains and try to scrub it out. Then try to wash. Even with the stains, beautiful photos!