a Cake for Busy Izzy

My cute little niece turned one and had a "Bee" Birthday.
They asked me to help with the cake, and I was so excited to try making a "beehive cake."  I didnt have the Williams Sonoma cake pan, so I kind of had to make it up!

I used the top of the "giant cupcake" pan and then a couple of rounds.

Rob helped shape and carve it a little.

I thought I'd show an image of my kitchen during these cake making nights!

And Voila...here it is.  Katie and her mom added the cute bees.
(The ribbon on the bottom is crooked in this picture and it is kind of driving me crazy.  But let me tell you, it really did look cute!) And of cute Izzy was adorable.  I'll post more pictures of her party because it was amazing!

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It turned out perfect. I want you to show me how to do fondant next time I'm in SL. Maybe over Christmas since you have a few birthdays around that time. :)

Jer + Lu said...

Wow. That is absolutely darling!! You are such a pro at your craft! Keep it up so the rest of us can copy ;)