A fresh flower wreath

The other day, my mom came over with all of the supplies to make her favorite wreath.  She taught my sister and I how to make one, so hopefully I can share it with you so you can make your own.

You will need:
a wire wreath form
potting soil
8-10 flowers
green flower wire

Ok..first you start with wet moss, and you lay it pretty side down on the counter
Lay your wreath form (the wire kind) over it
Now add potting soil over your wreath form, and pour water all over it.

Next lay your flowers this way and that so that they alternate sticking out on each side

once they are all there, one at a time, wrap the moss from the back around the base of the flowers,
securing at the top and bottom of each flower,with green flower wire
once you have them all in place, use that flower wire and secure all over the place
just wrap around and twist
once you have all the wire secured...use a pencil to curl the wire so it blends in
use multiple strands of the wire to make a hanging loop

and Voila...there you have it, your very own living wreath (that you need to remember to water, but it is so pretty you will want to water it!)
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