Baby's Firsts Baby Shower

This was the most fun shower we did for my sister Emmy...more than 6 months ago!  It was a "baby's firsts" shower.  


I dont know where all my pictures are, so luckily I found a couple collages that show most of the decorations. 

My mom painted this cute tree with the birds.  The guests filled out leaves with things they were excited for the baby to experience and taped them onto the tree.  

For food we had mini salads (garden) barbecue sandwiches (first barbecue) fruit (first rainbow) frothy punch (first bubble bath)

The guests could paint the baby's first set of cars and a fun car mat to play on.

We had the baby's Dad josh create a playlist for each of the guests along with a cute pair of sunglasses.


There was a book about baby's firsts that we gifted the mommy as well.

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