Paris 6th Birthday Party

I fell in love with this print on Etsy by designer Laura Amiss.  I used it for the invitation and also for part of the decor.

Here is our beautiful Elle Belle..all dressed up for the party.  

Rob and I spent the evening before making the eiffel tower cake.  The top part is made of rice krispie treat, and the bottom is 3 layers of cake shaved and shaped.  We used fondant to cover the whole thing and then I used that awesome fondant spray paint to make it metallic gold.  

There were 21 little 5 and 6 year olds at brunch.  It was So fun to see them all sitting at the table!

My Mom and I sewed all of the pink fleece berets.  They were pretty simple to make!

The table was set with these adorable boxes...with the picture mode-podged to the lid of each one.

I found the charms on etsy, and the ball chain at a local bead store.  

I used this chalkboard pendant to write Happy Birthday in French to the birthday girl.

I had made over 100 crepes and frozen them so they were easy to pull out and warm up for the party.  Crepes, all the toppings, and french croissants... (ok, they were actually crescent rolls with a piece of hersheys baked in each one.  I didnt think the 6 year olds would know!)  There were actually really good!

This was a challenge...making homemade macaroons. 

I showed them pictures in the book "this is paris" because a lot of them probably weren't sure what or where paris is!

Each of the girls got to paint like a parisian...

My sister cut out eiffel towers on freezer paper...and we stuck them to a painted gold part of the canvas...then spray painted it white.  

The girls sponge painted all over the canvas.

When they were dry...we peeled the eiffel tower papers off.

So the girls went home with a taste of paris: Pink berets, gold eiffel tower necklaces in gift boxes, eiffel tower paintings, and french macaroons.

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