Snowflake Party

Elle's Snowflake Party was So fun to plan. Anything WHITE, SILVER, or AQUA worked for the decorations...I began brainstorming, and this is what I came up with! The invitations were So easy. They are just printed on cardstock with an metallic aqua polkadot at the top and a white snowflake brad through it. (Thank you Michaels for having things I need!)

I love home made banners...this one is silver cardstock cut out with a snowflake cookie cutter.

I began collecting snowflake ornaments to make a garland, and to hang in any places that needed something extra. It was nice having the party after Christmas, because a lot of them I found on sale.

I got the idea for this tree from Miranda. I spraypainted the branches white and hung silver balls on them.

You can imagine how fun the food table was...

Serving dishes: white or silver, of course.

The dessert menu: water, white hot chocolate with choice of toppings: whip cream, white chocolate shavings, or marshmallows, hersheys kisses, white powder dougnuts, cake, frosted sugar cookies, or cupcakes. A lot of sweets...but it was a dessert party.

Elle's cake was a coconut snowball.

Everyone elses cake was the costco kind...with the birthday message.

The kids table has punched out large polkadots in aqua and silver punched out snowflakes.

mini cupcupcakes make a little snowflake

More cupcakes in case someone is still hungry? They have snowflake sprinkles in the colors.

Favors: white chocolate carmel covered pretzel rods. YUM!Each one is tied with a silver ribbon with a little tag that says "thank you."

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Cristina HW said...

Dear Grigg, I just finished going through all of your parties...INCREDIBLE & BEAUTIFUL! I love them all and cannot compete! You are inspiring! xoxo-Juliet