This is a perfect get-together for a large group or a small group. This particular time it was for a large group...for a shower. We did 2 cheeses and chocolate.
So, for this event you will need: 2 fondue pots and a chocolate fountain (or another fondue pot)
Wheat, Italian, French, Pumpernikel, and Rye bread (cubed) (ok..you can just do one, but I love the selection)
Vegetables cut up (anything that doesnt need to be cooked to be dipped:broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celerey, mushrooms, peppers, apples, etc
Yummy things to dip in chocolate including: strawberries, pretzels, brownies, bananas, cream puffs, pound cake, cheesecake, marshmallows, etc
For swiss fondue...I buy the packets (gourmet grocery stores carry them in the imported cheeses.)
For Cheddar fondue (my husbands favorite) You just mix cheddar cheese soup with real grated cheddar
For the chocolate, you can use a recipe or buy fountain chocolate. You can also use chocolate chips and add veggie oil
Dont forget the skewers!

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Friendship Church Frisco TX said...

how many were you serving at this party?