2 questions:
1. Is this rug me...or is it too unbalanced
2. could it go in a bathroom, or should I just stick to a couple white bathmats?
I picked it up at anthropologie (1/2 off) yesterday...because the colors are perfect. I just cant decide if it goes there and if I will be able to stand a rug that isnt all one pattern.

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aimee heff said...

I like it. I'm sure after a few days it won't feel so weird to stand on a rug that seems unbalanced to you. I love the patterns. Great find for half off!

Jessica Petersen said...

I totally love it! And I think it would be way cool in a bathroom. It's outside of the box but still very cute!

Dave and Miranda said...

Is that a bathroom floor it's on now? I think it is a great rug, but would look better with something on top or next to it to break up the obvious 3 different pattern thing. Maybe a little chair or in the bathroom a basket with towels or something.

christensen crew said...

I am with Miranda...You Brubakers have all the answers!