turkey projects for all ages!

If you have a playgroup and you dont know what to do...these are fun and easy!

This is for age 18 mos.-2 years. On paper, quick, easy, last minute!

This took a little more preparation for 3-4 years. Styrofoam balls painted brown, foam paper cut out in shapes, googly eyes, and feathers!
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The Martin Family said...

Thanks for the tip on the cookie cutters from William Sonoma.

Do you have any ideas for Christmas stockings? I sew as well.

Jen T said...

Hello! I'm a friend of Elise Sykes and I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thanks for the many great ideas. You are so creative! I have a 6 month old boy and so I'm going to save this idea for making feather turkeys for the future. Would you ever consider posting about some of your favorite blogs? You have great taste and I'd be interested in what you'd put. Thanks again!