Neighbor gifts...

For the past four years I have made caramel and chocolate covered pretzel gifts for neighbors...so I thought Id better continue the tradition!

You will need: pretzels rods, kraft caramel squares, white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips.

I add a little water to the caramel and then melt it in the microwave, and dip the rods in caramel. I use the back of a spoon to roll the caramel off and leave a thin layer. I lay them down on parchment paper and stick them in the fridge.

I dont add anything to the chocolate before I melt it, I put it in for 1 minute and then add 15 seconds if it needs it. I dip the rods in the chocolate just as I do with the caramel, using the same technique with the back of the spoon.

After they harden I drizzle the opposite color on them and then, WA LA!

I also made PEACE blocks...cause lucky for me, not a lot of people know about vinyl here!

And for Robbie's teachers, I made Spanish Christmas trees.

Neighbor gifts...Check!
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Becky said...

I did the pretzels last year and I loved them! I had to make a bunch extra just for me... oops!

Rachel said...

I am obsessed with your spanish trees!!! I would honestly cry if you showed up at my door with those pretzels... it would be so hard to turn them down (sniff sniff). You would be proud- I am really making an effort to be more of a cook and doing pretty well with my no dairy limitations.

still planning on coming to San An this summer, I am making the Aoki's meet us. Are you ready for some pledge sisters to come bombard you?

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

Do you order your vinyl from some place in particular? Or what?

I've made vinyl blocks, but someone else coordinated the vinyl part :)

Davis Fam said...

I made the pretzels last night with my sista...I only have one question...is there something we can do about the carmel??? It was hard as a ROCK...what could I do to make it firm...but not cementish...? (Not quite Karen "Crocker" yet...)

I love stalking your blog...by the way! :)

Angela said...

Love your blog, love your ideas, love your inspiration! I linked to this post from my blog. Hope it's alright!

AdelineandLila said...

Chelsea, where did you get your vinyl? Everyone at PBK at KOP says Hi.


Anonymous said...

Love your pretzel rods! I featured them on our blog! You can grab a "You were featured button" @ www.sistersstuff.blogspot.com

AdelineandLila said...

Hi Chelsea,

Now I am really bugging you. A few of us at PBK in KOP want to make these as teacher gifts but need to know where you got your letters. Is there anyway you could put us on the right path?


Sara (mom to the early twins if you remember)

supermotherof10 said...

I shared a link to your yummy pretzels at www.facebook.com/homemadegiftideas
Thanks for the fun idea!