Easy Pinkalicious dessert party

This year Elle's Birthday had to be simple. With a pregnant mommy at Christmas, I had to make it cute but EASY!

We did a joint party with her little friend who turns 2 a week before Elle. The invitations were really simple. I used the scallop edger by "stamp it up" and the flower punch by them too. I usually dont buy from them, but I could not find these anywhere else!

We did an openhouse with 6-7 families. We served pink punch (raspberry sherbet and sprite) cake and peppermint icecream, pink frosted doughnuts and cupcakes. Sugar high!
These tissue balls are super easy to make (though I have never made one! I borrowed these from a friend who had just had a party!) You accordian fold tissue paper together, cut the edge in either a point or a scallop, wrap wire around the middle, and then pull it all apart!
I found this table cloth on sale at William Sonoma. . It was fun to be pink, but not ALL pink!

I used the "great cupcake" pan by WS.

Ordered strawberry frosted doughnuts from Shipleys, and then made a bunch more cupcakes for the little ones.
I did 2 cakes for the 2 little girls...then they could both blow out candles!

This was an easy way to do a little birthday banner. I just used my punch and stuck the letters on old fashioned candy sticks...and stuck those in pebbles in buckets.

Then I gave away the old fashioned candy sticks as favors. I ordered them from "Lehi Valley," but I found a ton of places online. I think they had the most reasonable shipping!
And there it was...a little pink openhouse!!!


horsley home said...

that's absolutely adorable... and I can't believe that's your idea of simple! Please will you be my party planner for Tate's 2nd birthday? It's in January, so too cold for a backyard get together. I'm thinking a want a vintage carnival look? PLUS, my house is so so tiny, I couldn't have more than 15 people!

Julie said...

If this is your easy I'm sure I'd be blown away by the parties you do when you are not pregnant.


Your cupcake cake frosting turns out a lot better than mine. Rather than say bad words about you, I'm just going to have you teach me next time you come in town. :)

Rachel said...

Mmmm, dairy heaven. I miss donuts and cupcakes so much that I am literally drooling. Looks so cute Chels!

Lori's Family said...

I stumbled upon your blog and think you have great ideas. I couldn't believe we had very similar parties for our two year olds in the same week! My cupcake cake did not look as good as yours. How did you get the frosting so smooth? I love your bow idea for gifts I might have to use that one next year:-)

Cassie said...

I came across your blog today and LOVE your ideas! I will defiantly be back again.

carin davis said...

ohhhhhh my!!!!!!
what a beautiful set up!!!!!!
makes me want to start organizing my daughter's birthday party!!!

Ashley said...

Chels, I love it! We need to be neighbors. Or at least live in the same city. I have been dreaming of a Pinkalicious party for so long. One day Anna will have one! I love your big cupcake cake. You are so fun!