Decorating Onesies Shower

My Mom and Sisters did a cute shower on for my sister Mir. I have heard of decorating onesies at showers...but I loved how they did them.

They cut out patterns using silouettes of animals, fish, airplanes...they found them in animal encyclopedias! Patterns may have consisted of multiple pieces and were together in plastic bags labeled by what they were.
They had a stack of adorable fabrics that Mir had chosen. They had all different sizes of onesies, some dyed different colors with RIT dye. The guests picked their patterns and away they worked cutting, ironing and placing.
Miranda will have to do the final stitching at home.

And for the food...
stacks of panini sandwiches: caprese, turkey, brie & pear, and ham, cheddar & apple

They had the panini grill hot so guests could grill their sandwich.

They also had a berry salad and green salad.

And cute sugarcookies for dessert & favors. The "m" is for Milo (the chosen name for the baby)

I cant wait to do a shower like it!!!


Cassie said...

I'm doing a shower for a friend in March, this is such a great idea!

Kristal and Jason said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

TR said...

Next time I hold a shower I am definitely doing this. Thanks for sharing!