Displaying my collection

I keep collecting these baby shoes from around the world and sticking them in a drawer...so finally I tried to display them.
It is fun to have them to look at...but I feel like Im doing something wrong. Does anyone have any advice?

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li'l mil said...

I'm not nearly as creative as you are, but I've got 2 ideas just looking at the pics:

1. Instead of hanging the shoes by their laces, the whole display might look neater if you nailed them to the wall through the soles. Or at least found a way to hang them so the soles are flat against the wall and the uppers stick out. Those little wooden shoes look so sweet like that.

2. Maybe cut some plywood to fit the frame and cover it in some fabric that wouldn't distract from the shoes, then attach the shoes to the wood/fabric somehow instead of directly to the wall. That might give a little oomph without detracting from the adorable shoes.

I'm sure you'll figure it out :) I never would have thought to frame them up like that in the first place! LOVE IT.

Cara said...

Maybe paint the frame a different color, black or maybe golden yellow? The white looks a little stark next to the colorful shoes.

Rosander said...

I don't have 1/2 the creativity you do Chels, but what would they look like each pair in it's own shadow box? It might even be fun to put the name of where it came form in or on the box or under with the vinyl letters. Just an idea. But really... I don't know much! Good luck. They are so cute! That is such a fun idea!

Chelsea said...

I think the display of the shoes is great. I like the idea of having the soles flat against the wall, but I wouldn't dare nail anything through the soles. Try poster tack or repositional tabs. I'd put a simple or small print scrapbook paper behind the shoes inside the frame. Once the shoes are separated from the wall color, they'll stand on their own(heh, heh, 'stand').

I'll check back to see what you decided and how you fix it up.

Alayna said...

I think the problem is that it's not natural to see shoes like that - from the top down. You'd be better off putting each on it's own little shelf, or as was suggested a shadow box (one for each or a large one with little compartments for each set)

amanda said...

Hi Chelsea - It's Amanda Checchio - - - (now Suraci) First of all - your family is adorable.

Okay - I'm posting a comment b/c the February edition of Martha Sewart Living features a woman's art. She uses all shadow boxes. In one, she has tiny ballerina slippers displayed really cute. You should check out her magazine and see if it gives you any inspiration.