Done with the "Flinging" do I have to start the cleaning?

I am feeling so LIBERATED!  Even though I didnt even get to the "big" stuff, I lived this past month with new eyes.  "why do I keep that around, this is gross, why do I have 6 of these, I will never read that, nobody would ever read that..."  So mostly books, games, and storage...but stuff that I keep Packing everytime we move just to store again.  So...Adios stuff!
(I just hope I can keep these new eyes!!!)

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Cristina HW said...

Dear Grigg,

Wish I would take the time to do this-I know it would make me tres happy! BTW-Saw your alter ego in a film called Adam tonight. Hugh did such a GREAT job; you should see it. xo-Juliet