making a shirt dress...

I have been staring at this tutorial for a year and finally made a couple dresses!
Just go through your husbands closet...and snatch a couple shirts he may not wear anymore...and in a couple hours, you will have a couple new dresses for your little one!

My favorite part was using the basic idea and then doing my own variations.

Check out the tutorial at MADE.

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Miranda said...

I'm jealous that I don't have a three year old girl. Well, at least today! Dave wants me to tell you that he LOVES it. I think he's very impressed. I love it, too. The ruffle and tie are great. And the sleeves look way better than I had imagined. Way to go (put them in the 3T box for me;))

Rosander said...

K I totally have seen this dress and thought it was so cute, but your ruffle is darling! I have been inspired, I just went though Kris's closet! I hope mine turn out 1/2 as cute as yours. Lindsay

Kerstin said...

Wow, SO adorable.