Your First Quilt-tutorial

You will need:

8 coordinating fabrics in the following sizes:
1 yard of the back of the quilt fabric
1/4 yard each of the 6 stripe fabrics
1/4 yard binding fabric

1 yard muslin
1 yard batting (or a 35X35 inch piece)

Decide which order you want your stripes.  Cut them out in different widths:
sometimes I change the size or order a little if I like one fabric more than another.  It is easiest to cut the widths first and then cut the length all at the same time.  (I cut mine on the folded at 17.5)
cut your binding fabrics
3  pieces of: 2 inches X the length of the fabric (cut one more piece if you arent putting inserts: see quilt below to see insert)
2 pieces of 2 X 9 (for the inserts if you want to do them)

Main fabric, Muslin & Batting
35X35 of each.
(it is easiest for me to lay out one of my fabrics on the batting and cut around it to make sure it is the right size)

Iron your pieces (ESPECIALLY your main fabric and muslin)

layer your main fabric on the bottom, then your batting, then your muslin and try to smooth out all the wrinkles

lay out all your stripes.  If you still have a little fold line left over after ironing, it will help you line them up.  just eyeball the distance between each one.  Make sure to leave a little extra room at the top and bottom because your binding will take an inch of the white space.

Pin them down through all 4 layers

Now you can sew your stripes leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.  NOTE:  I was advised to buy a "walking foot" to make this quilt.  It did help...but I believe you may make this quilt with your normal foot as long as your batting isnt really really thick.

cut your binding into the right size.  2 inches X 37 inches on all 4 sides
(if using the inserts, cut 37 inches on 2 of your strips.  Then use the left over 7 inches and sew it to the inserts, and then cut the last strip in half and sew those pieces to the other side of the insert.  You should have enough to make 4-37" long pieces. 

Iron your binding fabrics in half.  (if using inserts, first iron the seams down, then iron in half)

Pin your binding around the quilt by folding it around the quilt.

If you use the inserts, you can decide where to put those ones.  I have done it so that the inserts are along the stripe sides and one is high on one side and low on the other side. 

FOR THE CORNERS: every strip that you pin down should go under on one end and over at the other end.  Where it goes under the binding, you can sew it straight down, where it goes over the following binding, fold the raw edge under.  I hope you are not too confused...look at the quilt corners to understand.

sew the binding down using 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Now, go wash your quilt normally in the wash and then dry.  Then trim all of the millions of long strings.

WA LA...Your FIRST QUILT!  You should be so proud and one little muffin is going to be So excited!

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Thirty-Six Ten said...

what a perfectly lovely little quilt. So uncomplicated and pretty! This would be a great project for a beginner sewer! Thanks for sharing!

christensen crew said...

LOVE it...what a sweet little baby gift idea...I did some serious quilting awhile back and loved it...I think I need to start back up again!
Thanks Chelsea.

Deb said...

thanks so much!! my friend is having twins in sept. and now i know what i am making!

Anonymous said...


Rex Family said...

What a cute quilt! I'll have to try it. I check in on your blog every now and again and you always have such great ideas. I have a question for you...it looks like you lived in Philadelphia for a while?? My sister moved there not too long ago and she is getting married. Do you know of anyone who could take wedding photos at a reasonable cost? Kind of random, I know...thanks. (jennifer.rex@gmail.com)

ificould said...

Thanks for doing the tutorial!! Can't wait to try one and can't wait to post this next Monday!!


Amazing as usual! My sewing days have been put on hold until my sewing machine reappears. It's packed in a pod. I'm hoping when it comes out of it's box that I'll get a personal tutorial on how to make this quilt. Lots of sewing projects to come together - hopefully! I'll update you soon!

Jer + Lu said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! Definitely got the itch to make a new quilt!

(and perhaps you already know this, but "WA LA" is actually "Voila." it's French ;) )

Emily said...

Chels- Thanks for taking the time to do this for the rest of us. I have never made this type of quilt, and am excited to give it a try. Hope you are all doing well!

meier said...

This is super cute! I have a friend who is expecting within a month and was thinking of a cute, creative idea. I think I have it! Thanks for sharing, your blog is great.