Kate Middleton Costume

This Costume was harder than it looks!

I researched hats for weeks...and finally settled on my great grandmothers hat and added peacock feathers
The dress was from SAVERS, but my mom took it in and added little black buttons.
The ring, that you cant see was ordered on etsy.

But the hair extensions...those were the hard parts.

I was trying to go cheap...so I bought these ghetto REAL hair 16 inch dark brown/platinum blonde CRIMPY extensions.
First, I dyed them brown.
Then I spent 2 hours straightening them
Then curled them
Next I had to cut them and hand sew clips to them!
Not to mention trying to put them on!

Anyway, my hair looked longer, but I did have one person ask me if Kate was known for frizzy hair!

I have to wait for pictures from the photog...so you can see William!
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