Jane's Shoe Party

Little Jane is obsessed with shoes.  She wears mine around, loves any dress up shoes, and changes hers a couple times a day.  So, for her 3rd birthday, I decided a Shoe Party would be fitting.

I based the party on the book Birdie's Big Girl Shoes.  The artist is absolutely amazing, and Birdie happens to look like Jane!


Chinese lanterns are the best investment...I use them a lot!
When I told the cute girl at Nordstrom shoes what I was doing, she just gave me gift boxes.  She was so darling about the party, and it probably helped that I was in buying each of my kids winter boots, and cozy slippers!

I stayed awake at night figuring out the cake in my head...and this is what I came up with:
I started with a shoe sole shaped piece of cardboard. 
I painted the bottom hot pink (I was going to do Red, but pink went with the party)
 I bent it in the 2 places necessary
I glued a dowell for the strength of the heel
I used multiple cake pans including:
a square (the corner for the point of the shoe, i cut out a wedge so it would be more of an acute angle)
a small round for the heel part
a loaf pan partially filled for the arc
Once I had it all set up, I frosted then put fondant over the whole thing.  Then I wrapped the heel with fondant.  Then the most fun part...I SPRAY PAINTED it with metallic cake spray paint from Michaels.  I am in love with that stuff!  IT kind of makes me want to not mix fondant colors anymore!
added a little bauble to the to and VOILA!  the shoe cake!

I blew up my favorite illustration in the book for a back drop for pictures.  

The girls started by making their own shoe designs.

Then they got to decorate their own set of dress up shoes.  (I found packs of 6 at Toys R Us, and ripped all of their cheesy decorations off them)  The girls loved jewels, fluff, sparkles, I also had flowers and feathers but they weren't the real hit

while their shoes were drying they played pin the bow on the shoe.

And for lunch, little strawberry Jellow parfaits, strawberries and Jane's favorite...quesadillas!

And then we had to cut the cake.  It was yummy too!  
Each little girl took their little shoes home in a beautiful little box with tag and bow

This was such a fun party!!! I wish I could do it again!

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