Robbie's Favorite Things Party

When Robbie couldn't decide on his party theme, star wars legos or beyblades, we thought maybe he should have a party where he gets to do it all.
All of his Favorite Things!
The border of the invitation was a list of all his favorite things, toys, activities, sports and food.

One of Robbie's favorite places to go is TOP IT frozen yogurt.  So we made our own little yogurt bar.

Instead of cake, he opted for cupcakes...and after so many cakes this month...I was fine with that!

12 different yogurt toppings including: blueberries, strawberries, sprinkles, cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles, reeses, gummy bears, swedish fish, snickers, oreos, peanut butter chips, m&ms...I had other toppings, but I ran out of bowls!

There were about 20 kids, so I started off by dividing them in groups of 4.  I gave them each a necklace (yarn with a color circle) and game card with their color.  The game cards told them the order of events.

Then they got to play some of Robbies favorite things!

Beyblade Battles

Starwars legos
(I had them race to put the mini sets together fastest)

Wipeout Challenge
this was so fun for them...
they started out by army crawling under a bench, then riding the little RODY across the floor, box jumping back, climbing up a latter and ringing the bell on the ceiling, climbing back down, rolling the ball, through the box tunnel and DONE.  they were timed and had 2 chances to get their best time!

Basketball Tournament
double shot...everyones dream

Angry Birds Game
we used a slingshot to fling angry birds at a stack of cardboard bricks

They got a sticker at every station

After they were all done, we sent them outside for an ASTROID HUNT
aluminum balls were made around pieces of candy and hidden all around the back yard.  

After the astroid hunt, they had their top it ice cream

Then I gave them their swim noodle light sabers and they went outside and battled...they seriously could have battled all day!  They loved it!

I forgot to take pictures of ours, but they looked like this except for only blue and green.
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