Easter Table...a la Kathy

Last year we went to my friend Kathy's for Easter Dinner. If you are looking for simple, yet beautiful ways to decorate your easter table...just look at these ideas!

Beside from being a beautiful centerpiece...how yummy! Strawberries, sourcream & brown sugar.
Ok, these favors were not so simple...but SO cute. They are little terra cotta pots filled with crinkle paper, wrapped and tied with a spring bow. The handle is a strip of cardstock tucked into each side. Then with the tiniest clothes pin you have ever seen, a "Happy Easter" message was pinched on the handle. In each was a hard-boiled colored egg. LOVE IT!

Dont forget the KIDS! A fizzy egg, elmo egg and a springy rubber ducky!

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Elise said...

What universe do you live in? Even your friends make spectacular tables/parties/favors : ) I am LOVING her platters for the centerpiece. Where did she get that???