Easter Tradition: Trifle

My friend Kate has a family tradition of eating trifle on Easter. (I think they make it on Mother's Day too!) This year I used her recipe and made my first one. Yes, they are very easy...but no, they dont all look as pretty as the magazines! I looked into it and found some of the coolest trifle recipes that I want to try...chocolate raspberry, caramel apple, chocolate mocha...I suggest that we all try to make a unique trifle very soon. Oh yeah, and if you want to make ANY dish look impressive, present it in the trifle bowl. Think chinese chicken salad layered, or mexican layers, or rice and chicken layered...get creative!
Mine was angel food cake, bananas, vanilla pudding, strawberries & strawberry glaze. I might line up the strawberries along the outside next time.


Muranda said...

You are right, they never do look as pretty. I have a yummy gingerbread/pumpkin trifle for Fall, and the best peppermint/chocolate recipe for Winter! We should share.

aimee heff said...

Yummmmm that looks delicious!

brandon & alisa said...

I've made "better than sex cake" trifle and it was delicious as you might imagine. I also found this brownie trifle recipe on a friend's recipe blog that looks good:


Rachel said...

My mouth is watering!