Tradition: Easter Chocolate

Well if you havent done it yet...you should be hitting your favorite chocolate shop for a treat for your kids and spouse. My parents used to put a Sees Candy chocolate egg in our baskets, decorated and personalized with our name. I loved it.

try a box of hand picked chocolates...a sees candy egg...
for me, it is as much the presentation as it is the taste!
one of the thousand chocolate shops that I checked out in france and belgium last week...incredible! Dont worry, we have plenty in the US. In Philadelphia, try Naked Chocolate and Scoopdeville!


Amanda said...

I love your ideas, thanks for sharing! I'm excited to make the swimsuit idea a tradition :)

Amelia Hannah Brubaker said...

too bad our family stopped doing anything cool when i was born. i dont remember any of these traditons. i guess i was the party stopper!