Planning a Halloween Party...

This year, I am doing a adults-only costume party. There are so many ways to have a halloween get-together, but for this year, I thought it would be best to invite TONS of couples and make it more of an openhouse.
Of course Ill blog about this after the party...but for those planning parties, here are some of the ideas we've come up with for this one:
Food: ALL DIPS! Chips and baguette slices with guacamole, chili, artichoke, queso, salsa, etc.
Drinks: bubbly rootbeer, hot chocolate/cider, water
Dessert: ok...Im still deciding, thinking old fashion candyshop/cookies etc.
Prizes for best costumes
Doughnuts on a string
Black and White movies playing
Spooky music
Couples pictures

Any other great ideas?
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lesley said...

I am Kate's little sister, and she told me about your darling blog. You're amazing! I want to do every single thing on here! You're so creative. Hope you're enjoying Texas.