Applique for a boy!

Ever since I got this fall's Mini Boden catalogue, I've been meaning to try a couple shirts for Robbie.
Yesterday, Rob helped me make the patterns and I went to work on some 5.00 Old Navy shirts!

I think I may write something on this one...

this one is harder than it looks...trying to get my machine to go in and out of those little teeth was a nightmare! After a few washings it will be worn and perfect!

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I {heart} you! Sorry for my sailor mouth - but who in the hell are you? Martha freakin' Stewart! I get that Mini Boden cataloge and think - boy those shirts are cute, but don't even have the energy to order them - let alone MAKE them! You are a rockstar as always.
P.S. I am making the magnets for neighbor gifts for Christmas and school teachers. Great idea for those of us who can't manage a sewing machine.
P.S.S. You seriously need to open a business. Really!!

alisa and sometimes brandon said...

And these! I love these! I appliqued some shirts for my niece...maybe my nephews need some new T's.

You've always been a creative inspiration...

Anonymous said...

I love the mini Boden catelogs. I save them for ideas, but never seem to actually do it. I still have terry cloth fabric in my basement to make pants for the boys. Maybe next summer...I think the shirts look darling. Someday you will have to start a business.