Halloween Party 2008!

Here it goes, the complete Halloween Party run-down!

Invitations were SO simple. We used the saying:
"It's a Halloween Party
You're in for a Scare
Prize for best costume
Be there if you dare!"
You'd be Ghoulish not to attend!
(please find babysitting for a haunted night out!)

Melissa and Kristin (who cohosted the party) came over a couple days before to set up the table. We used black fabric, silver webs, pewter dishes and black candlesticks, plates & napkins.

We set up the dessert table and drink bar the day of...(I couldnt close those rooms off to the kids!)
I only used tea lights in paper bags to decorate the front, a couple pumkins and a wreath.
This poster was right in the entry...I wanted to let people know they were in for some fun games! (and to stick around for the costume contest!
We made sure to have great prizes for the costume winners. Everyone voted, and we had some clear winners! We decoupaged the black and white paper to the lids of the jars to match the theme.
Of course we needed candy on the table! I also put out halloween books to look at. We had halloween movies playing on the tv on mute and then had Halloween music in the background.
The finished table with food. Miranda came up with all the food labels! I emailed her a list of food and within minutes she emailed me back a list of names!
Tortilla chips: torn skin crisps
Chili dip: brains and beans
Tomato, bean, corn, cilantro salsa: pick in your eye-o
7 layer dip: 7 feet under
Normal red salsa: vampire blood
Sourcream dip: rabid dog froth
Green salsa: pile of bile
guacamole: cold mold
Baguette slices: fresh flesh
Spinach dip: creamed ghost gizzard
Hot artichoke dip: choking heart parts
Hot water: burning acid
Hot cocoa mix: ground sweet bones
Marshmallows: ghost cutlets
Bubbly root beer: hell broth
Ice water with scary ice: goblins bath
Pumpkin pie: jacko’s flesh pie
Whip cream: ghost guts
Apple slices: bat nibblets
Caramel dip: sweet joint juice
cream puffs: mummy eyeballs
Brownies: death by chocolate
I cant believe I dont have a picture of the drink station in action.
We had hot water and hot chocolate, and the coolest looking rootbeer that we kept adding dry ice to. Then water with ice that had spiders in it.
Bobbing for Apples. I got these great tins at Lowes for 15.00 each. I figure I can use them every year...and they would be great for a big bbq with sodas!
We strung a rope from 2 trees and then hung 10 stings from it to hang the doughnuts! We had at least 20 participants!
Prizes for all winners/participants that wanted them!
Things I would have done differently:
of course we had too much food...but that means lots of left overs!
No pumpkin pie next time!


Muranda said...

would you move home already so we can do these things together? the names of the food were so great!


Great job Chels! I wish I could have been invited :(

Lizzie and James said...

You need to do this for a living. Its a great talent.

Katie Webb said...

wow, looks amazing! You did an awesome job! Way to go! I'll have to remember these great ideas for next year!

Julie said...

I'm sorry we didn't go. Do you mind if I post a link to your website from my new website? You have some fabulous ideas and great talent.
Check out my sight and let me know if you don't mind.