Some favorite cheap decor!

Of course I love my Halloween blocks. The vinyl cost me 5.00 and the wood/paint about 2.00!
If you want to make some, I'll hook you up with Kathy for the vinyl.

I saw this at Potterybarn 4 years ago and I put one together every year. I used to find the sticks outside, but now I use the same ones each year. NOTE: put the sticks in the vase first, cause you cant shove them down in the candy corn.

I usually have a bowl of pears, but during Oct and Nov I change them out for pumpkins. Sometimes I do them the Martha Stewart way with modge podge and glitter, but most years they are just pumpkins.

OK, I love fall candy...It is kind of hard to do this with kids nowadays, but I still keep a couple jars around. I stuffed the middle of these jars with newspaper or paper towells so I didnt have to use so many bags!
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You SERIOUSLY amaze me! I want you to give me the crash course of all the stuff you have made next time we are in town and then I can make some cool stuff too. You are the greatest!

Rachel said...

So cute Chels, I love this stuff. I am on the hunt for chocolate free (aka no milk) candy to fill up my candy dishes with.

alisa and sometimes brandon said...


How do you make those blocks?!?