Flushable Diapers?

So, Im reading Gorgeously Green (a wonderful, but very overwhelming book...in my opinion) and it's all about going green step by step. So, I have started with recycling (I know...can you believe I wasnt already doing it?) and now I am just beginning to explore other things. I know diapers are terrible for the earth but NO WAY would I do cloth. So this was an option that the book proposed: Flushable diapers! gdiapers
I looked up the website and read about them today. They really didnt seem too expensive, and they would be a whole lot better on the earth...so I am thinking about giving them a try. They said they sell them at "HEB" (the only grocery store in texas) so I am going to look for them next time I am there.
I guess there is a little cloth outside, and then little diaper inserts that can literally be flushed down the toilet. (I read all the comments, and everyone said that they dont clog even the worst toilets) You can throw them away too...and they will biodegrade in 50-150 days.
After reading, I think the best thing would be getting our kids potty trained as soon as possible...but, I know that isnt easy...so, this may be a good way to go!


Anonymous said...

Chelsea, I just left the longest comment on your fam's blog. So sorry! Just wanted to tell you that I love this blog! So glad You are found! Love Kate

Rachel said...

Look for Central Market, it is the best place to find organic. Here is the link:


Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

I am just getting some of these too!!! Ironic how great friends think a like. I thought I'd try it out with ava while her diaper changings are a lot fewer thn a newborn. Love you!