Spouse Anniversary ideas...I need one!

Ok, what do you buy, make or do for your husband for your 5th year anniversary if he:
-doesnt like clothes
-doesnt want anything that could ever be considered a "family item"
-doesnt really appreciate "thoughtful" gifts
-has every tool ever made
-is really busy with school and doesnt have time to do too many sports, but the ones that he does...(golf, tennis) he is fully equipped
-has very limited time to travel...actually none for the next couple years!
I thought I was pretty good at this stuff...but I am STUMPED. Dont google "spouse anniversary presents," because the answer isn't there!
any ideas?


li'l mil said...

An iPhone.

Even if he's not a techno-geek like MY hubby, who doesn't LOVE MAC products? And seriously, they're sweet.

Muranda said...

call me...i have been searching for everything and finally came up with an idea for adam. (who already has everything). the main part is actually the first comment, since he is quitting his job soon and doing photo full-time. but some other little things to mix in with it!

i thought 5-years would be easy...but it is so hard!

Muranda said...

on second thought...an iPhone for Rob might not be so good. He'd actually have to keep it charged! :)

Elise said...

Ha ha. I'm laughing at Muranda's comment. I got Chris an iPhone when they first came out as a surprise and he about died. Told me it was the best gift I'd ever given him : ) If she is serious, the iPhone actually has a FANTASTIC battery life. Chris only charges his ever other day, because in the hospital is is on airplane mode some of the time which takes like no battery life. The other thing I like about it is that it is secretly a present for me! Having it around lets me keep in much better touch with him while he runs all over the dang hospitals. We can email, text, call or even IM. Honestly, it is great. I am a total Mac geek and would agree with the 'who doesn't like Mac products' comment... but honestly, what is better?

Natalie said...

The traditional 5 year gift is wood; since that's your last name, it might be clever to give yourself somehow. Maybe give him a GPS unit and enter in way points (coordinates) for a treasure hunt that ultimately leads him to you. Corny? Maybe, but cute and clever :) good luck and congrats!


What did you end up doing? I'm in your same boat on why it's so hard to shop for a gift. I was thinking a Mac computer since he'll be starting school in the fall - but who knows...

Cher said...

i know....this is a little LATE (but I just discovered your blog...and i LOVE IT!)...but maybe my blog can give you some ideas for THIS year... rather than a gift...do something romantic! I've got plenty of ideas!