Pink Pancakes!

You have all heard of (or seen) this cookbook before, how could you not notice it. It is adorable! (which is the very reason I brought it home) Of course, once I took a peek inside...I was a little less interested. Make vegetable purees and keep them in your freezer. That is SO not like me. But, since I live in a new place, and dont know a ton of people yet...I am doing a lot of things that aren't totally like me. So, I made beet puree...and tried out the my first recipe: pink pancakes.

They turned out great...and were super easy. Of course I didnt have ricotta, so I used yogurt. I didnt have apples, so I used apple juice...and they were fine. The kids had no idea, and gobbled them up. Rob ate a couple...and his only suggestion to make sure the purees are chunk free. So, it was like making fortified pancakes.
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Muranda said...

brook has been doing this for a while now, and they love it. i have yet to get on the band wagon, but i thing it is an awesome way to get those veggies in your kids.

brandon & alisa said...

Nice! I like beets, but the sound of beet puree is deceptive indeed...

Glad you had success and hope you are enjoying your new digs!

Miranda Lea said...

I thought this book was a little wierd, too. I guess it's an okay way to get veggies into kid tummies, but I guess I feel like there are more fun ways- ways in which they may even learn to LIKE veggies, rather than go on hating them even though they are eating them!

Rachel said...

I agree with one of your posters that it is important for kids to learn to like veggies.

I am cooking from this cookbook (since until about 3 months ago, I didn't cook) because it is easy for me as a beginner and the recipe's are super easy to convert to dairy free for my family.

The meatball soup was a winner for us. Those meatballs w/ sweet potatoe... yum!