Make my day!

One of the hardest things about moving from Philly, was the plethora of Janie & Jacks in the area. I came to San Antonio knowing that there wasnt one here, but there is one in Austin an hour away. I even wrote them and asked if they would be getting one here...I got an automated response saying they appreciate how much I love the store, shop online.
WELL, today I went to the North Star Mall today...and guess what, they opened one LAST WEEK! Hooray!
Because it is so new, they didnt have Fabulous sales like they normally do...but I am just happy to have them around!


Phil said...

This store is one of my fav's too! I am glad you won't have to go to Austin for it.

However... about 30 minutes north of Austin (just go north on I-35) is an awesome outlet mall called Round Rock. They have designer outlets like Burberry and Coach. There are some awesome shops for the kids too.

Can't wait til our next San Antonio trip so we can see yall. Miss you~

Rachel said...

sorry... didn't realize I was signed in under the husband ;)